Historical Development of the Pocket Pussy

The history of what is now known as pocket pussy, well translated as pocket vagina, or in common parlance, pocket pussy or fake vagina, is long and funny. That's why we decided to tell you anecdotes from the very story behind the amazing masturbation product, the pocket pussy. We should briefly say that over time there have been many additions and versions of this particular idea of creating a tight pocket pussy for male masturbation.

Among other things, Fleshlight has made casts of the genitals of porn models. There are also versions of the pocket pussy that are shaped like a mouth, so you can enjoy a nice blowjob at any time. To understand how the pocket pussy has evolved, we start with the idea of creating a silicone vagina cast for clinical use.

This was done in the early days so that doctors and other medical professionals could examine the lower genitals without forcing women to lie down. It evolved fairly quickly to be used in a sexual context. However, because of the more medical approach to the masturbation product, the pocket pussy didn't see rapid development at first. However, it did later on.

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What is a PocketPussy?

This question can be difficult to answer, so it should be asked categorically. First of all, there is a big difference in the material that your PocketPussy is made of, this of course depends on the brand, but basically there are 4 different materials, some of which are more popular in others. Of course, these materials are also used in other similar products for masturbation and sex toys in general.

But to keep us artificial pussies, or maybe the nicer word vagina, there are thus basically 3 different materials. The first material is a small special blend created specifically for use in sex toys and patented called Cyberskin.